Varitune V-4 [back]

V4 is part of the Varitune family and works as an adjustable Helmholtz resonator in the range 45-110 Hz. It is adjustable to all rooms and obtains a high absorption co-efficient. The module can easily be integrated above and below the different MA-modules to adapt the bass absorption to the diffusers lower limit. The setting of the V4 module is done with a test toner that generates the resonance of the room at the same time as the front shutter is adjusted to optional frequency within 45-110 Hz. Optimal placing is corners or floor-ceiling angles

Advantages with V4

The most flexible and effective bass absorbent in the range below 100Hz on the market Adjustable to fit all rooms High Absorption co-efficient due to the Helmholtz principle in combination with high Q-value Integrates with the rest of the SMT acoustic modules Available as standard in white, Oak and Birch

Product Specifications V4

Standard measurements

Width = 438mm

Depth = 438mm

Height = 1120 mm

Absorption range = 45-110 Hz