Statement from Royal Swedish Orchestra using Wing Gobos:

The acoustic design solution we came up with is, in summary, based on early stage support by the SMT S-wings which, due to their wide frequency range diffusion with time delay and almost no absorption, creates a high degree of definition and direct communication in the early energy.
Then the AFC adds later arriving early reflection support and the reverb tail. The regenerative process seems to glue it all together and the response is linear regardless of level and very even across the room.
The S-wings create magic in the very early time range, I believe that this is key to the sonic impact of the complete system.
We were able to move the panels really close to the musicians and the response was still very even.
In the near field I get a feeling that they're acoustically invisible, in the far field the summing effect of the panels help keeping the the musical energy of our singers constant even if they move around in different directions in staged passages.
Communication between sections of the orchestra is enhanced without losing direction and definition.