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SMT moving Forest acoustics into the industrial world


"Scania CV unique SMT S-field laboratory received the prestigious EU assignment to evaluate the next generation electric cars acoustic alerting system."
Thanks to the dense diffuse field combined with tunable Helmholtz modules a non fatigue high resolution seven seat wide sweet spot help the test persons to take decisions in a "New York minute"
More info in the links below:

Sound design for acoustic vehicle alerting systems(SAVAS)

Video (SVT Nyheter Södertälje)

Facebook SoundAVAS


A dream sound

Marten showroom

"From Stereo Magazine visit"

"And then comes one of these rare moments, in which you wish every Hi-Fi fan could get to sit down in this armchair for a second to experience the extraordinary listening experience. The sound is perfectly resolved, wide, deep and staggered to the ceiling, and appears entirely detached from the pair of speakers, around 110cm tall, which just stand there almost like spectators to the amazing performance. More than that, the presentation lives and breathes, is light as a feather, yet at the same time physical and substantial, and exudes an extremely appealing high-end aura. The Mahler recording really is first class, but when we played titles with which we were familiar they simply served to underline the class of the system and space. Tiny Islands' inspired adaption of the Taj-Mahal piece "When I Feel The Sea Beneath My Soul" becomes downright hypnotic, the sounds rushing gently yet fleetly like darting fish below the surface, the timing wandering on the narrow ridge of relaxed concentration. Here, too, is the combination of supreme openness and transparency without masking effects, imbuing the music with tangible solidity and a bass as full as it is mobile. As it turns out, the listening room - in which voices appear so present that you hardly have to raise your voice to be understood from the other end of the room - uses diffusers to scatter sound waves rather than absorbers to dampening them. The acoustics are correspondingly lively, and a great deal of effort was necessary to prevent the wandering sounds from blurring the sound: with a number of reversible elements available to fine-tune the character of the room, which can also be used for recordings. This is primarily the workspace of Leif Olofsson, designed so he can really hear what his speakers can do.""


My-Sound Showroom


" I tried over a year in my showroom several acoustical treatments to get the best sound out of our Wilson Audio and Magico speakers. After setting up Matts Odemalm's wings and bubbles there was a complete new quality of music: Balanced, Definition and a soundstage that is so deep that we could not believe it. In high end there is so much "tweak" around which make only small differences and are even not necessary if the acoustic is bad. But SMT is a MUST HAVE!"
Wolfgang Linhard


Pangaia Studios

Pangaia Studios

Facebook Pangaia Studios

Sound On Sound


Jocke Berg

I really like the SMT Wing concept both for mixing and tracking (Jocke Berg).


SMT welcome our new partner and supplier in USA

Accurate Construction


SMT S-field reference room in USA

SMT S-field reference room,

Customer Testimonials


SMT welcome Michel Warlop as a new SMT agent

Audio Refinement

Audio Refinement


Wing modules at Circus new audiotorium

Circus new audiotorium


Wing modules in Gothenburg Opera rehearsal room

Gothenburg Operas rehearsal room


Wing and AD panels at Kungliga Musikhögskolan (Royal Music Collage) in Stockholm


SMT S-field reference room in Taiwan

SMT S-field reference room

How does it sound?
- Even before fine tuning of Q1 position and upstream components, fantastic.
- Bass is extremely clean and detailed. What you hear is bass as it was recorded: flat, clean.
- Excellent imaging: very enveloping and precise in positioning. The large amount of reflected sound from the sides contributes to the illusion of image broadening. The fact that SMT diffusers are similarly effective over the entire spectrum above the transition frequency ensures that the sounds arrive spectrally intact at listener ears. And as we know, precedence effect for localization works best when the spectra of the direct and reflected sound are similar.
- Richness of tone is the best I have heard. Music sounds tonally richer because I can hear more of the timbral nuances (the delay introduced by diffusers gives time to the brain to process overtones which normally are masked by strong transients)
- Neutral room: The room completely disappears to let hear the acoustic of the recording room. The room response to loudspeaker sound is even across frequencies. The room is also neither dead, nor "live": it stores the energy and redirects it over time, with a very regular energy decay curve across frequencies.
- Very even sound response when I walk around the room playing saxophone.



Munich Highend show 2014



Munich Highend show 2014

Statement from Anne Bisson who visited Marten Supreme 2 room at Munich Highend show 2014:
"As I sat in front of the speakers and closed my eyes and the sound was so real I could feel the presence of the musicians near me, It was the same sound that I experienced when I played live with them during the recording. I could really "feel" their presence and it was "disturbing" in a way... and magical too!"
Anne Bisson, Canadian Jazz Pianist, Singer & Composer President of Camilio Records, Audiophile Recordings Canada

Statement from Matthieu Latour, (Nagra), independent sound engineer:
"It is the third High End show in Munich where we did use SMT V-wings in Munich. In those difficult rooms, they helped us a lot to achieve a comfortable listening environment. They increased the level of details as well as they widen the sweet spot, making it possible for more people to enjoy music. The V-wings are very efficient as well as not to invasive in term of esthetical design. Anyone serious about sound reproduction should pay attention to its room acoustics, and I would definitely recommend discussing this matter with Matts. "



SMT i Las Vegas!


SMT i Las Vegas

John Atkinson Stereophile:
SMT Ceiling Treatment in the Marten/Meinwald Room



Gobos from SMT



Stockholms Royal Opera

Stockholms Royal Opera has chosen Wing Gobos for their rehearsal facility at Gäddviken.

S-Wing testimony by LG Ehn




Midas Studios

"Our brand new gobos from Svanå Miljöteknik Ab are truly amazing. They are great for the obvious use of separating sound sources in the studio but also for changing the acoustics in the room and even the sound of instruments. One side of our gobos is absorptive and the other side has a wing diffusor. Turning the diffusor side towards i.e. a drum set makes the whole kit come alive and especially the cymbals very open, clear and sweet sounding, without any harshness. The difference they make is quite staggering!" - Anders Höglund, Midas Studios.

Youtube video



Timetracing with 9 S-Wing modules


Timetrace Flat

Timetrace Flower-Wing



Thomas rum

Thomas rum

Bilden är tagen av Otto Lindstam




Lansering av Wing Concept


Wing-premiären gick av stapeln på MUSICPLANET-mässan i Älvsjö den 20 september 2012. Smygpremiär av de olika Wing-modulerna har skett under det senaste året och skapat Wingfeber både bland Proaudio och Highend-kunder.

Wing-broshyr med produktfakta

Några kunders syn på Wing-produkterna

Allmänt om Wing-produkterna




Diplom till Pär Engelholm

PÄR ENGELHOLM (ENGELHOLM AUDIO) har på ett förtjänstfullt sätt uppfyllt alla de krav som gör honom kvalificerad till  SMTAB:s diplom :




Europe audio diffusion



Quote :


" This cinema exceeded my wildest expectations. The acoustics is better then the most professional site I visited "


David Crozier. Oscar nominated  film mixer of Harry Potter and Mission impossible movies.





The sound experience




The sound experience  Show room (level3) Bocaraton Florida visas nu som helsidor i Stereophile och Absolute Sound
Rummet i bilagan har följande moduler:

20 st V-4
4 st V-6
6 st polycylindrar (1200*250*1800mm) på sidoväggarna  med Ad 20 panel
En stor custom byggd bas fälla på bakväggen (bakom lyssning)  som justerats till 30 Hz
Custom byggda basfällor runt ovalen i taket där det ligger Golden Horn Paneler ca 8m2



Elite plaza hotel



Peter MAcgrath Wilson Audio;


" ...When we first arrived everyone sounded as they were suffering from a cold. Now (with the SMT products) it sounds like everyone got a vitaminboost and been instantly cured..."




Mårten Designs nya showroom


Marten Designs nya showroom  i centrala Göteborg . Ett level 3 rum på nära 50m2 som på kort tid uppmärksammats över hela världen på grund av den neutrala akustiken samt smakfulla design.

Rummets egenskaper kan sammanfattas som det bästa av två världar:  Frifältets resonansfria återgivning tillsammans med rummets bidrag  av bredbandigt diffuserande  reflexer. 

Den unika akustiken ger också möjligheter för akustiska inspelningar i referens klass.



Photo by Plind 



Det sker förändringar hos svanå miljöteknik. Inom en snar framtid kommer sidan bli helt på engelska.


Nya bilder finner ni i galleriet.






SMT välkomnar den genuint akustikintresserade

Pär Engelholm som mätansvarig för level 1-2 i  Region Syd .

Övriga mätansvariga för level1-2

Region väst

Eora Ljud     Claes Olsson  0708250720

Region Norr

PA Ljud AB     Lennart Ödlund  0703201600       

Level 3-5

SMT AB Matts Odemalm  0705132221 





SMT Reference Room level 3


Foto: Timbre


Det  är beläget i Audio Concepts ( ) lokaler på Södra Agnegatan 29 Stockholm.

Den unika akustiklösningen  tar till vara det bästa av två världar ,frifältets resonansfria återgivning och rummets bredbandigt diffuserande reflexer.

Märresultaten sätter en helt ny standard för rum i denna storlek.

Produkter som används

Basabsorbenter V-4,V-6 och V-12(rummet kan passivt justeras +-4dB under 80 Hz)

Diffusion av första reflex        Golden Horn

Diffusion av sena reflexer      TP300 och AD 40 mix


Vi rekommenderar varmt ett besök där butikens HighEnd produkter tillsammans med Referens rummet ger en oförglömlig lyssningsupplevelse.



Mätdatan på rummet

--> Mätdata <-- 





Toner för nedladdning!

Nu kan du ladda hem toner för att hjälpa dig att ställa in dina V4or.


Klicka här ( längst ner på sidan )





Galleriet upplagt!

Nu är äntligen galleriet upplagt med bilder från tidigare jobb. Sveriges radio, operahögskolan och mediahögskolan i Falun för att nämna några.


Klicka här




Nytt år, nytt utseende !

SMT AB har nu förnyat sitt yttre. Efter en lång tid med den gamla designen var det dags att uppgradera.


Från och med idag är detta vårt ansikte utåt.


God fortsättning.



Ljudmätning för ditt lyssningsrum!

Bor du i Stockholm? Vill du mäta upp ditt lyssningsrum?

SMT AB erbjuder detta!

Vi erbjuder dig en mätning för att optimera ditt lyssningsrum. Det som ingår när vi kommer är:

Redovisning av frekvenskurvan, 20Hz-20kHz. Råd och förslag på förbättring. Rapport på mätningen.


Pris: 800 kr

För beställning och frågor:

Johan Odemalm





Varitune-Ma Module




Specification : V4-MA200 /300

Adjustable absorption between: 40-100Hz

Broadband absorption: 100-300Hz

Diffusion between: 300 – 16000Hz

Variable acoustic: Choose AC 200/ AC 300 inside of the MA 200/300.

Std module L=1120, H=1630mm D=430mm




Specification: V6 –MA200/300

Adjustable absorption between:25-60Hz

Broadband absorption: 60-250hz

Diffusion: 250-16000Hz

Variable acoustic: Choose AC 200/ 300inside the MA 200/300.

Std module L= 1120, H= 1800mm, D= 600mm



Specification V12-MA200/300/600

Adjustable absorption between:16-35Hz

Broadband absorption: 35-250Hz

Diffusion: 200-16000Hz

Variable acoustic: Choose AC 200/ 300 / 600 inside MA 200/300/600.

Std module L=1120, H= 1800, D= 1200mm





Highend mässan 06 på Kungsholmen vart en mycket lyckad tillställning!

Vi presenterade några ny produkter bla.

TP 600 2D som synns mellan hötalarna på V4:orna.





Här under ser vi de nya V6:orna(vänsterhörn, under V4:an).

Ett snäpp större än V4:orna men de går att ställa ner till 20Hz    





Vi vill tacka alla som kom och besökte oss, Tack!




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