Varitune-Ma Module

The Varitune -MA (VMA) module consists of the adjustable bass absorbent V4, V6 or V12 in combination with the diffuser/broadband absorbent MA200, MA300 or MA 600.

Together they make a comprehensive solution to acoustic problems that may occur in a room. The combination makes a seamless transition between bass absorption and diffusion. High absorbtion coefficient (0,8-0,95) due to the Helmholtz principle

Specification : V4-MA200 /300

Adjustable absorption between: 40-100Hz

Broadband absorption: 100-300Hz

Diffusion between: 300 – 16000Hz

Variable acoustic when using the AC module ( AC 200 or AC 300 ) inside of the MA 200/300.

Std module L=1120, H=1630mm D=430mm


Specification: V6 –MA200/300

Adjustable absorption between:22-65Hz

Broadband absorption: 65-250hz

Diffusion: 250-16000Hz

Variable acoustic when using the AC module (AC 200 or AC 300) inside the MA 200/300.

Std module L= 1120, H= 1800mm, D= 600mm


Specification V12-MA200/300/600

Adjusable absorption between:16-40Hz

Broadband absorption: 40-200Hz

Diffusion: 200-16000Hz

Variable acoustic when using AC module (AC 200,AC 300 or AC 600) inside MA 200/300/600.

Std module L=1120, H= 1800, D= 1200mm